Story-Powering Our Youth (SPOY) Workshop

May 27, 2016 / Comfort Ero / StoryPowering, StoryTelling, Theater

Story-Powering our Youth Workshop (SPOY)  is a project for youth of any kind but mostly new-comers, or at risk who are in need of guidance. The SPOY workshops are sponsored by the Province of British Columbia. The Province of British Columbia is supporting this on-going project since 2012. Also, African Stages get grants and sponsorship from other bodies of government and private sector. This year, 2016, SPOY got sponsorship from two sources: The Province of British Columbia and the City of Surrey – Cultural Grant.

The Story-Powering our Youth (SPOY) is a combination of different ethnic performing arts and modern theatre which the process of rehearsal will help the youths with self-exploration of their abilities, gaining self-esteem while performing on the stage, and experiencing peer-support during dance and drumming practices and team-work for theatre. The process is put together by Comfort Ero, the founder of African Stages Association of BC.

Comfort Ero, the former high school principal from Nigeria with Master Degree in Education, and Narges Sonya Govahi, the former high school drama instructor from Iran with Master Degree in Dramatic Literature, are the instructors of SPOY with more than 50 years (put together) experience in theatre and working with youth and education. They are perfect match for delivering a life changing workshop for youth in British Columbia.

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